OpenAxis Recommends

Blurring Boundaries

Lakshya Sharma

A British series revolving around a young woman and how she navigates her life in London. The series transcends all expectations when the audience evolves from mere viewers to an intimate point of contact for Fleabag.


Shree Bhattacharya

A British coming-of-age story about two teenage boys who find themselves and each other during a tumultuous time, that is, high school.

Not Just Like – We Love It! 

Jaidev Pant

Australian comedy series Please Like Me is a tremendous insight into navigating sexuality, adulthood, and life in general. A series that will have you laughing while you sob your eyes out, this throwback show is one for the ages.

The Bold Type

Reya Daya

The Bold Type is a must-watch for those trying to find themselves amongst the challenges of adulthood, friendships and work.

Divine Tides

Shree Bhattacharyya

If you’re looking for an album to submerge your soul in, so that you may find it again, Divine Tides is for you.

A Drink With the Spanish Elite

Lakshya Sharma

Looking for a series that is more dramatic than the Kardashians and richer than The Crown? Well, your search ends here. Elite has all that you want and much much more.

Art on the Gram: 4 Art Pages We Love Right Now

Jaidev Pant

While your Instagram page may be clogged with trending reels and influencer promotions, the social-media platform is emerging as a hub for budding artists and galleries from around the world. These 4 accounts are the perfect place to begin.

Bombay Begums


These women are artists – with art fading at every possible turn of their lives, but their firm determination towards striking their brush once more, on that empty canvas, speaks for itself. 

Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience

Muskaan Kanodia

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be a part of Van Gogh’s paintings? Well, now you can be a part of one through Van Gogh’s Immersive Experience.

The Shining – The Book, the Movie and Everything in Between

Ashana Mathur
Book, Movie

There is a fair amount of scepticism surrounding the experience of reading horror novels. But the works of authors like Stephen King are too good to pass over. King surpasses the gimmicks frequently used in horror films and uses only his words and a reader’s imagination to deliver a story that haunts them for days.

Papers, Please

Aarohi Sharma

Papers, Please offers a uniquely accurate insight into modern insider-outsider narratives, the use of calls to ‘nationalism’ for masking State supported oppression, as well as the moral dilemmas that emerge as a result of the same.

Apartment Upstairs

Harshita Bedi

Having started out as two college students at Ashoka University, who shared the love for making music and ‘How I Met Your Mother’, Rohan Pai (singer-guitarist) and Shourjo Chatterjee (drummer) have once again produced another feet-tapping single called Mahua, on escapism in the pandemic.


Ridhima Manocha
Board Game

Through Settlers of Catan, world domination is indeed becoming a sport! Players spend hours engaging in trading, hoarding, building roads and capturing trade.

Tightrope by Zayn Malik

Harshita Bedi

The song ‘Tightrope’ is all about how one is willing to fall into the steep slope of love, when it’s with the right person.

The Midnight Library

Akanksha Mishra

There was a kind of silence in my head that amplified my inner voice and made me think more clearly about my life. About how if I get a chance to reset my life, what would I do differently?

Headliner: A Chilling View of How Hate Sells

Aarohi Sharma

In an ecosystem where stories that sell better outshine those more worthy of telling, Headliner proves to be an inexplicably valuable tool for highlighting the processes and dilemmas underlying contemporary reportage.


Saman Fatima

The show takes pace as it highlights religious biases, perceptions about Muslims and Ramy’s ‘well-intentioned sins’ as he tries to navigate between the ‘haram’ and ‘halal’ life while judging those around him.

And ACTION! Towards a greener Bollywood?

Aritro Sarkar

Like most Hindi blockbusters, making Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara cost thousands of tonnes of carbon dioxide. Ten years on, is the industry ready to move towards sustainable film production?

Food Beyond the Mess: Why Campus Outlets are Invaluable to Indian Colleges

Devika Goswami

The pandemic meant nearly a year-off campus for college students. Of the many things lost, the shared memory of food is difficult to measure and yet an important part of the college experience. How do campus outlets positively shape student life and support small business owners? How might the pandemic change this shared experience of food?

Someone Great

Akanksha Mishra


While at first sight, the movie might seem like another light break-up watch filled with peppy songs and quippy one-liners, it touches upon the less-talked-about aspects of heartbreak and moving on.

ContraPoints by Natalie Wynn

Samyukta Prabhu
YouTube Channel

Wynn combines well-researched arguments with her unique sense of humour to teach us about the latest issues in ethics, politics and gender.

Circus of Books

Karantaj Singh
Circus of books is a documentary film directed by Rachel Mason about a bookstore and a gay pornography shop in West Hollywood, California.

The Mandalorian

Shrishti Agrawal
TV Series

Streaming exclusively on Disney+, the series created by Jon Favreau is centered around the action-packed journey of a skillful bounty hunter (played by Pedro Pascal) and The Child (famously known as Baby Yoda).

how i’m feeling now – Charli XCX

Samyukta Prabhu
Written and recorded over six weeks during the COVID-19 lockdown, Charli XCX manages to capture a lot of emotions that one may have felt during this unusual year through this 11-track electro-pop album.


Aradhya Sharma
Psycho Pass is an Anime show set in a futuristic dystopia, where the omnipresent surveillance “Sybil” system that monitors aptitude, psychic health and latency to commit crimes. Set against this background, a crime unit that investigates into a series of murders that set the stage for one the most compelling and complex Anime series in recent years.

The Queen’s Gambit

Nirvik Thapa
Television Series
In late October, Netflix released its new miniseries, The Queen’s Gambit. A riveting drama that follows the rise of chess prodigy Beth Harmon (portrayed by Anna Taylor Joy), the show is set in the 1960s as Harmon battles her inner demons that stem from the trauma of her mother’s death from an accident. As she grows up in an orphanage, she learns chess from a janitor who happens to be a chess enthusiast keen on teaching her as he learns of her ability to be a skilled player. Thus begins her journey with chess.

The Shadow King

Sanya Chandra
The Shadow King treads different territory, each more skillful than the last. The novel speaks of violence with a degree of care, exposing vulnerabilities, limitations but also strengths and motivations of the women who went to war. It breaks down perceived dichotomies– public and private, men and women, outside and inside.