Issue 23

Blurring Boundaries

Lakshya Sharma

A British series revolving around a young woman and how she navigates her life in London. The series transcends all expectations when the audience evolves from mere viewers to an intimate point of contact for Fleabag.

Watching a series and interacting with one are entirely different experiences. We have all watched countless series, haven’t we? But how many have we interacted with or, how many webseries have tried interacting with the audience? Phoebe-Waller Bridge understood our need and came up with the Primetime Emmy Award Winning show, Fleabag. It revolves around the life of a young woman, Fleabag and how she navigates it around London. The x-factor of the show is the regular communication that fleabag engages in with the audience. They eye-contact, snide comments, and little juicy details, it feels like she is texting her best friend all the inside thoughts. The audience becomes that best friend regularly receiving information from her. The blurring of the wall between the audience and the protagonist creates a sense of intimacy that keeps the audience hooked till the very end.

What are you waiting for, login to Amazon Prime and stream Fleabag for some intimacy in your lives.

Lakshya Sharma is a student of Economics and Media Studies at Ashoka University. His keen area of interests lie in Fashion and Popular Culture.

Picture Credits: PrimeVideo

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