Bats in a pandemic: Why should we care?

Devanshi Daga
In India’s National Wildlife Week, Devanshi Daga connects several 2021 studies and a leading Indian field scientist’s focus on bats. What our attitudes are and what can shift them?

The End Of The Zoo: Has The Pandemic Changed The Way We See Zoos?

Aritro Sarkar
In 2020 – 2021, when you and I have had to forcibly stay indoors, the idea of captivity itself has come to be belatedly resented, although it took the human experience of a generational pandemic for that to happen. In that light, how do we look at zoos, as venues premised on this very idea of confinement. How do we rethink them?

Deconstructing the NEP: how important is experiential learning in wildlife conservation?

Ishita Ahuja

The National Education Policy drafted in 2020 makes wildlife education under environmental studies, a new option for college students. “Towards the attainment of such a holistic and multidisciplinary education, the flexible and innovative curricula of all HEIs shall include credit-based courses and projects in the areas of… forest and wildlife conservation.” Yet it does not seem to bat for field-based learning to be mandatory in such courses. University professors, students and professionals employed in the wildlife sector, discuss with Ishita Ahuja.

Development: A Disaster in Disguise

Muskaan Kanodia

In recent years, India’s trajectory mapping the disasters and calamities has gone up at an alarming rate. However, is it fair to dismiss and disregard them as acts of nature without bearing the responsibility of their occurrence? By increasing development projects in highly sensitive and fragile areas, will India’s economic policy be able to ensure any sustainable growth? Or will the environment continue to be exploited for short term monetary gains?

The Infamous Smog: Crop burning and much more

Hiteshi Ajmera
Year after year, almost every newspaper prints scathing columns condemning the smog that settles in the Delhi-NCR region due to crop burning. Why do farmers continue to burn crops? Is the smog caused solely due to crop burning?

A Life on Our Planet: an appeal to all of us, on nature’s behalf

Shrishti Agrawal

David Attenborough’s witness statement, A Life on Our Planet, isn’t just another story about the global decline of the natural world. It could create collective consciousness towards the environment and bring about change, if we let it.

Issue XIV: Editor’s Note

With the leaders of the world – most of whom chosen by us – preparing to meet at the critical Conference of Parties 26 (COP26) gathering in the first weeks of November, this axis of environment and politics, is one whose outlines are becoming increasingly apparent. Before we get to unpacking what may be in […]

Issue XIII: Editor’s Note

India’s 67th National Wildlife Week from 2– 8 October, 2021 is focusing on Forest & Livelihoods: Sustaining People and Planet, thematically. Through the 1950s, this commemoration went from a single day Wildlife Diwas to a whole week. Since then annually, Indians shine a torch on understanding what we have, what we are losing and what is shifting, in the life […]

An extract from India and Asian Geopolitics: The Past, Present

Shivshankar Menon

The problem is that several generations in India have been taught a version of history that ignores that India has for much of its past been well connected to the world and its prosperity and security have waxed and waned in direct proportion to that link.

Delineating the Consumption of Luxury Goods in a COVID-hit World

Muskaan Kanodia

The COVID-19 pandemic shook the luxury goods industry from its bubble, putting their revenue and loyal clientele at stake. Not only did the brands face economic downfall but were also socially and culturally challenged to create more inclusive products. With visions of recovery and rebounding in 2021, luxury brands have a long road to walk.

It is the ‘Tax-the-Rich’ hour!

Ishita Singh
While it wasn’t that long ago that Europe repealed its wealth taxation, is it safe to say that the pandemic has resurged the popularity of radical policies and schemes that target the redistribution of wealth?

Once Upon a Time in Mumbai

Rujuta Singh

The city of dreams is known for its gritty underworld as much as its glittering movie sets. The life of disgraced encounter specialist Sachin Vaze may help us see the link between the two.

Bombay Begums


These women are artists – with art fading at every possible turn of their lives, but their firm determination towards striking their brush once more, on that empty canvas, speaks for itself. 


YouTube Channel

Rujuta Singh

Bestdressed’s videos are as funny and entertaining as they are insightful and thought-provoking.

Issue XI: Editors’ Note

The past year saw COVID-19 and lockdowns as the only issues one extensively engaged with, both in their personal and professional lives. The question, “how has the pandemic been treating you?” slipped into every catch-up conversation with peers, friends, family and colleagues. With the current surge of cases in India once again, it is safe […]