Economy & Development

Electric Vehicles in India: Focus on the Consumer, not the Car

By Rohan Pai

India’s growing environmental concerns have pushed the Government of India to re-evaluate its energy choices, and look into sustainable modes of production. Some of the key initiatives being carried out are focused on the electrification of vehicles, and the long-awaited launch of Tesla Motors in the Indian market. These initiatives will be a step in the right direction for the GoI’s plans. However, it is crucial to examine whether India is prepared to host these initiatives and if we can provide the right environment for these developments.

It is the ‘Tax-the-Rich’ hour!

Ishita Singh
While it wasn’t that long ago that Europe repealed its wealth taxation, is it safe to say that the pandemic has resurged the popularity of radical policies and schemes that target the redistribution of wealth?

To Have Loved and Lost

Advaita Singh

Paid leaves for parents after stillbirths or miscarriages are certainly a social issue. However, the effects of grief on productivity make it an economic issue in tandem. This gives the opportunity for inclusive legislation that can improve economic conditions and boost economic growth.

E-commerce Platforms and The Continued Mistreatment of Delivery Personnel

Samyukta Prabhu & Rohan Pai

While Amazon’s Twitter antics have made news for all the wrong reasons, it has taken attention away from the delivery workers’ strikes worldwide. Hectic shifts, decreasing pay and lack of basic benefits are problems faced by delivery personnel across several e-commerce platforms. This article highlights the poor working conditions faced by Indian gig workers over the course of the pandemic, and examines what lies ahead.

Banking on the Government

Advaita Singh
Trade Unions all around the country are protesting because they believe that the privatisation is bad for the economy. This article explores the role of Public Sector Banks to understand the impact of privatisation.

‘Mining’ Nothing but a Grave

Tanish Bafna
With the Parliament gearing up to pass a new cryptocurrency bill, investors and entrepreneurs are desperately scrambling to keep a dialogue open with the government. Given that the State is unlikely to change its stance, will India be potentially missing out on the next big thing since the Internet?

All Bets Are Off: Trust and Antitrust Among Large-Scale Corporations

Gauri Bhawkar

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted how profitable large firms, such as Amazon and Facebook, can be even during times of global turmoil. Is there a check on how firms can become so all-encompassing such that consumers can’t avoid purchasing their products even if they tried – and what implications does this phenomena hold for economic systems across the world?

Evaluating the Implications of Privatization in India’s COVID-19 Inoculation Drive

Anjana Ramesh

India’s vaccination drive has witnessed considerable private sector involvement – from the development of vaccine candidates, to their mass-production. The recent announcement confirming the allowance of private distribution of vaccines has furthered this involvement. What implications does privatization of inoculation drives hold for India and its public healthcare capabilities?

Budget 2021 and Fiscal Deficit: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Ankur Bhardwaj

This steep revision in fiscal deficit estimates for the current financial year (2020-21) as one of the highlights of the Budget. If we take a closer look at fiscal deficit revision and the path the government wants to take in the future, we find three important points to underline – the good, the bad and the ugly.

Wages for Housework: Giving Wives Their Due?

Ashwini Deshpande

Since the suggestion is about valuing women’s work in India, a good starting point would be to explicitly recognize their contribution to household enterprises as workers, on the same footing as the men, and share the earnings from the household enterprise fairly.

Bidenomics For America and The World

Karantaj Singh
President elect Joe Biden seems to have very different views from President Donald Trump on most socio-political issues, and his economic policies seem to be very different as well. So what will Bidenomics mean for America and the world?

Reforming Antitrust Law To Regulate Big Tech

Samyukta Prabhu

The economics of Google and Amazon seem to fundamentally differ from regular brick-and-mortar stores. Can we factor this into antitrust law? Or are monopolies inevitable in the tech world?

How COVID-19 is adding to the existing NPA crisis in India

Shrishti Agrawal

The crisis of Non-Performing Assets (NPAs) has been looming over the Indian banking sector for a while now. Since lockdowns are being imposed in the country as a means to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, will the sudden slowdown of the economy drive the crisis to its brink?