Issue 6

ContraPoints by Natalie Wynn

Samyukta Prabhu
YouTube Channel

Wynn combines well-researched arguments with her unique sense of humour to teach us about the latest issues in ethics, politics and gender.

The above image is a still from the ContraPoints video “Canceling”

On her Youtube channel ContraPoints, Natalie Wynn explores several pertinent questions in the field of ethics, politics and gender. She combines well-researched arguments with her unique brand of dark humour, to create entertaining and informative videos that keep you hooked. By explaining all points of view in a debate, no matter how controversial or different it may be from her own political standing, she gives her audience a complete picture of an issue. By the end of every video, you’re left with a much better understanding of the nuances of an issue, while also being thoroughly entertained.

To start out with, she has a great video on ‘cancel culture’. You can also check out her videos Gender Critical (which helps one understand the debate around J K Rowling’s recent controversy) and Incels.

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