Issue 22

The Bold Type

Reya Daya

The Bold Type is a must-watch for those trying to find themselves amongst the challenges of adulthood, friendships and work.

The Bold Type is a story about three young and ambitious women working at a magazine and taking New York City by storm. Across its five seasons, the show follows Jane, Kat, and Sutton navigate their 20-something lives, struggle with their identities, attempt to find love, and manage their friendship. The show brilliantly subverts tropes to create storylines full of substance. Each character faces serious character development, and the show ensures to avoid categorising these three friends into stereotypical roles such as the “smart one” or the “pretty one”. All three of them have their eyes on working up the corporate ladder, and while they may occasionally get involved in romantic relationships, their love lives are just a part of their lives and not the end-all.

While the show is hardly based in reality and has received criticism for oversimplifying working in the media, its beauty lies in the world the creators have constructed, one that we want to be real. With a female-led cast and its focus on meaningful friendships and growing together, something that is vital for survival in adulthood, the show manages to find the perfect balance between heartwarming stories and hard-hitting, taboo subjects. Overall, the show is a fresh take on workplace dramas and is a great comfort watch.

Reya Daya is a third-year student studying psychology and media studies at Ashoka University. Her other interests include writing, photography and music.

Picture credits: UNO Gateway

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