Issue 20

A Drink With the Spanish Elite

Lakshya Sharma

Looking for a series that is more dramatic than the Kardashians and richer than The Crown? Well, your search ends here. Elite has all that you want and much much more.

A thriller series with murder, lies, parties, drugs, and drama, Elite hits all the right spots. The series deals with a high school, Las Encinas, and the elite students who come to study at this palace-like building. The series jumps between timelines in every episode, and adds up the suspense to the point where we are ready to burst. The entire story unfolds in the eighth episode of every season, and the character development and diversity throughout the four seasons is phenomenal. The casting will sweep you away from your feet and you will come back for every episode. The series is available on Netflix and is renewed for season 5 which might drop in the summer of this year. So what are you waiting for, Ready Set Elite!

P.S. (No Spoiler Alert) The writer’s favourite episode is S3E8, where he simply was overwhelmed with the amount of emotions this series made him feel.

Picture Credits: PopBuzz

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