Issue 20

Inventing Anna: Everything Is True Except the Parts That Are Fake

Jaidev Pant

Netflix’s latest release centered around the life of faux German heiress Anna Delvey is everything you want it to be, and a LOT more.

New York high society. Art galleries, fashion designers, and gorgeous locations. An influencer heiress eager to make her name in social circles. Netflix’s latest trending release Inventing Anna has all the right elements to keep you hooked until the very last episode. While the setting of the show in upper-class Manhattan is familiar (from shows like Gossip Girl), the show offers a breath of freshness to the city via the lens of faux-heiress Anna Delvey and the people in her life. Based on a 2018 New York Magazine article, the show is successful in portraying the twenty-something from Russia as a brilliant scam artist, rather than as a woman scorned and out to get the men around her. Neither is she represented as a Robin Hood-esque figure, out to help those less wealthy. Anna is inventing herself, and only herself- and boy, does she do a good job. The show instead offers an insightful perspective into the psychology of relationship building and connections, branding oneself as a commodity in a capitalist society, and most importantly, the frivolity of money. 

Jaidev Pant is a student of Psychology and Media Studies at Ashoka University. He is interested in popular culture and its intersections with politics, gender, and behavior. 

Image Source: Netflix

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