Issue 8

Tightrope by Zayn Malik

With Valentine’s Day having just passed us last weekend, some of us may still want to continue feeling butterflies in their stomach for their significant or imaginary others, and Zayn Malik’s ‘Tightrope’ is just for that.

Zain Javadd Malik, known by the name Zayn, is an English singer and songwriter who recently released his new album ‘Nobody is Listening’. The song ‘Tightrope’ is all about how one is willing to fall into the steep slope of love, when it’s with the right person. It is perfect for when you are on your 5:30 pm evening walk, with the sun setting and the serene sky, thinking about that special someone who may or may not know of your existence. For his desi fans, Zayn provides a pleasant surprise with the 1960s Mohammad Rafi’s verse from ‘Chaudhvin ka Chand’ later into the song.

As the song is on the acoustic end, it will get your feet tapping while you immerse yourself into enjoying the serotonin rush of reminiscing the times you fell in love and “something told you it was them.”