Issue 23

Six Seasons and a Movie! – Community, a Cult Sitcom

Community is an American sitcom following Jeff Winger, a lawyer who goes to community college after his bachelor’s degree is revoked. There he forms a study group with a diverse and eccentric bunch of people who end up forming memories over their time at college. Over its 6 seasons, Community managed to take on nearly every genre and popular trope with a terribly funny A-list cast and script. The cast’s chemistry works beautifully and the jokes feel natural rather than dependent on a laugh track like most sitcoms. The show is full of satirical parodies and tributes to popular media that any pop culture fan will appreciate. Throughout its progression, it brings up important issues like homophobia, sexism and racism and addresses the world’s problems by making fun of them in a way that had never been done before.

Quickly becoming a fan favourite, fans rallied for a Community movie resulting in the ongoing gag “Six seasons and a movie”. The main reason for its popularity is that through its comedy, Community is not only able to thoroughly entertain but also tell the stories of real, broken people, coming together to help each other heal. It is a heartwarming watch that leaves you feeling wrapped up in a warm blanket. The next time you want to binge a show, Community should be your go-to!

Reya Daya is a third-year student studying psychology and media studies at Ashoka University. Her other interests include writing, photography and music.

Picture credits: IMDb

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