Issue 4


Psycho Pass is an Anime show set in a futuristic dystopia, where the omnipresent surveillance “Sybil” system that monitors aptitude, psychic health and latency to commit crimes. Set against this background, a crime unit that investigates into a series of murders that set the stage for one the most compelling and complex Anime series in recent years.

The anime questions the ethics and effectiveness of looking at one through their genetic predispositions and their unconsciousness instead of their self-awareness and free will. Throughout the show we watch Akane, a new member of the police department, grapple with the moral ambiguities that come with such a system, and what cost would we have to pay for our security. With continuous references to literature and socio-political, and moral philosophy effortlessly woven into the plot, what begins as a well-executed alteration of Orwell and Philips  Dick, soon turns out to be a giant clash of philosophies.Though the show does pick up a little slowly, 

The characters are also very carefully constructed, each character almost representing a different political philosophy. What’s more interesting is to watch all of them navigate the situations they’re in but also navigate each other’s beliefs. Other than it’s plot, the show does a very good job with its graphics and its soundtrack, both doing a very good job at supporting the dark themes the show covers. 

Overall, with a thought-provoking narrative, complex characters and beautiful animation, Psycho-Pass is a thrilling anime from start to finish.