Issue 9


Catan is just what you want to get your hands on and spend your Sundays playing. It’s a strategy life-size board game that is simple enough that an adolescent can play yet complicated enough that an adult takes a long time to master. Through Settlers of Catan, world domination is indeed becoming a sport! Players spend hours engaging in trading, hoarding, building roads and capturing trade.

It can also be a fun and educative way to improve one’s risk management and resource allocation skills. The only requirement is having three or more people who are willing to spare a minimum of two hours for it. The quality of the board is durable and the game pieces come with stained wood. The only drawback though is that the road pieces as well as the house game pieces are small enough so they need to be kept safely. Apart from that, the game play is novel and each game in itself seems different every time one plays as the strategies have to accordingly evolve and adapt with each board.

In case one gets bored with the Settlers of Catan, they have enough expansion boards that one can purchase to make the game different and more exciting. Klaus Teuber indeed did a wonderful job by creating a game that is engaging, easy to pick up, and rewarding enough to keep people playing for a long time post purchase. Still wondering what to do this Sunday? Our vote is play Catan!