Issue 23

Not Just Like – We Love It! 

Please Like Me (on Netflix) is a warm, thoughtful comedy-drama. An Australian series revolving around Josh, a twentysomething navigating coming to terms with his sexuality, a mother on the verge of suicide, and his friends being the boon and the bane of his existence, the show has a high relatability quotient for all viewers. While the show is centered around a gay man, the learnings from the series apply to all viewers irrespective of their gender, which enhances the beauty of the show. The way in which the show draws out the brazenness of human insecurities; the candor with which the characters articulate what they’re feeling is reassuring, warm, and also, inspiring. And with its smart, understated humor, PLM combines the strengths of multiple genres. A must-watch!

Jaidev Pant is a third-year student of Psychology and Media at Ashoka University. He is interested in popular culture and its intersections with politics, gender, and behaviour.

Picture Credits: Youtube

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