Issue 23


Heartstopper is a British television show that coming-of-age story about two teenagers who find themselves and each other during a tumultuous time, that is, high school. Based on a graphic novel by Alice Oseman, the show is wholesome, sweet, and heartwarming while also highlighting sensitive and important subjects in a nuanced manner. The show’s protagonist, Charlie Spring, develops a crush on Nick Nelson, and the story is centered around their romance while also navigating friendships, social structures, and emotions that surround them both.  This LGBQT+ story beautifully narrates the anxieties and rushes that arise out of first or new loves. It is a must watch for the ones who loved the graphic novels, and even those who may be unfamiliar with them. 

Heartstopper is available on Netflix. 

Shree Bhattacharyya is a student of English literature and Media Studies at Ashoka University.

Picture Credits: Radio Times

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