Issue 18

Escape Simulator: A Thrilling Experience and Challenging Game, Designed to Escape the Virtual Vacuum

Escape simulator is a first-person view virtual escape room game, perfect for any puzzle lover. Created by developer Pine Studio, it offers three thematic adventures: The Labyrinth of Egypt, Adrift in Space, and Edgewood Manor, each with 5 levels of increasing difficulty. Based on real-life escape rooms, AV Club hailed it as a “near-perfect substitute for the real thing”.The game brings you all the simple joys and thrills of escaping a fake locked room by finding clues, unlocking doors and solving riddles that the pandemic took away right from the comfort of your home. 

Once in a room, you have fifteen minutes to escape the highly interactive and immersive room by moving things around, picking them up and even breaking them. You can continue solving puzzles even after the timer ends, making beating the clock even more of an achievement. The game is full of eureka moments that truly bring you the satisfaction of solving a good riddle and well-designed puzzles. 

The game also has an online co-op mode so you can replicate the feeling of yelling at your friends when a clue gets too frustrating. Lastly, for those who conquer the game, there is an additional editor mode that allows you to create your own rooms as well as play hundreds of community designed rooms so that the adventure never ends. 

Reya Daya is a third-year student, studying psychology and media studies at Ashoka University. Her other interests include writing, photography and music.

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